24 August 2012

Old chucks

I'm sure that everyone owns this pair of extremely old chucks, that you no longer wear because they look old and trashy.. I had one of those, I had this black all star since 2008, and I sort of do not wear it a lot anymore. So i decided to pimp it up..
All I needed was an old studded belt that I do not use anymore -cause I have two so I didn't actually throw anything away hehe- and took off it's studs..

And I studded them on the shoe, to come up with this great outcome that I am actually satisfied with :)

These chucks were so dear to me, and I was afraid that I would ruin them, but the awesomest thing about this experience is that the studs come out without leaving much of a trace behind, But I don't think I'd remove them cause I like them that way :) If you wanna try this go for it, it's really fun, thought it gets your fingertips extremely numb and totally ruins your nails, but it's all worth it, and it's not hard at all..