29 June 2013

They Are Back!

I'm so proud of us! Not one of us sisters is mature and responsible, and I have to admit we are pretty attached to our mum. Those five days were not easy, but we all sacrificed stuff, and got patient on each other, and thought before everything. And we survived! We were responsible, we didn't burn the house down, and we actually had fun! To me I got closer to all of them more than ever! It had been a different week for us, and I think that we've learned a lot. 

Our day started at about 8pm, our parents skyped us from the airport saying that they are about to leave Turkey, and thinking about it, it would have been really hard to just sit there for four hours and wait! Time wouldn't have passed! And we were starving, so we went to bring some food, and then we got back home and while waiting decided to try and shoot the stars. It was my first try and I think I'm pretty proud of the shot I got! As we were sitting outside we heard the sound of the main door opening, we all ran there and my parents were back.. They were stuck for an extra hour in the airport because their luggage was lost, luckily they found it! And we enjoyed opening the gifts bag!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

28 June 2013

One More Day

Tomorrow is, inshAllah, going to be our last day without our parents! As they are arriving tomorrow at midnight.

I made today a hectic day, because that's what I do best! Friday is usually a family day, and it has been like a tradition in my family since a very young age that every Friday we gather with our friends in a farm in the suburbs, each family cooks a meal, and we make an open buffet with all the meals that has been cooked. we play different sports afterwards, Tennis, Volleyball or Basketball with the dads. The mums play cards and the kids run around. I always thought it was a lovely thing to have, and such good people to be raised with. 
But it doesn't matter if I'm having fun, or how hard it is, whenever my friends say they want to hangout I can't say no, I just can't! I have once and only once and I still regret it, feels like so much fun missed. so after having lunch at the farm and hanging out a little bit, I took off to meet with my friends at Chilli. Meeting up with those people is never a time wasted, is never a disappointment, it's just a lot of fun being around them!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

27 June 2013

Despicable Me

Our life is a series of moments. 
Moments when you are happy. Moments when you are not. Moments when you realise that it's all changing. Moments you feel like you just no longer fit in, no longer get the jokes, no longer feel desired. Moments when you feel like you are cared for. Moments when you feel misunderstood. 
Some moments you feel like an open book, some other moments no one can read you.. and you start to wonder: are you so good at faking, do they no longer feel it when you're feeling uneasy, or do they just don't care? 

I woke up this morning a bit late- at 2pm, in a hurry, took off to my grandma's house to pick up lunch, got back home, ate Tieta's yummy Yalanji, went to the supermarket, forgot to get cash, got back home, back to the supermarket, and once again back home, took off again, drove my sister to my grandma's -again, and my other sister to her friend's, got back home, got the treats ready, got myself ready, and was just a little bit late to my friends, we watched a movie, then took off again with all of my friends, went to Chili Ways, took off once more, went to my grandma's, hung out with my cousin, picked up my sister, took off for one last time, picked up my other sister, got back home, cleaned up, washed the dishes, tided around, skyped with my parents, watched a movie with my sister, watched Andy Murray's documentary, and then watched the rally for cancer awesome charity matches, and here I am writing this blog. looking back at today and thinking: wow I survived! It was hectic and energetic, but it was lovely!
through all of that I really didn't have the time except for one photo, so excuse the lack of photos in this blogpost.
Looking forward for tomorrow and hoping for a better day.

That's all for Today..
So much love.. Peace.

26 June 2013


Having sisters is awesome! No matter how much we fight, or say I wish I had brothers, or how evil and annoying they could be, I am thankful for them and can't live without them. 
Was an awesome day! went out to lunch with my Sisters and Aunt, then I drove them off to their friend's house, I went over to my cousin's, we worked a bit on a poster for his new documentary which I will be mentioning soon! And then I went to Al Jeel Club and had a lovely time. 
I then picked my sister up and went to Starbucks with my awesome best friend, we had an awesome time! My sisters really enjoyed it.
Thank you Jad for being there! You are more awesome than you realise!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace

25 June 2013

What's In My Bag

They say: You don't know the value of something until you lose it.
I did totally know the value of my parents, but I never imagined how hard it is being in charge of a house!
My parents are off to Turkey for about a week. Me and my sisters are staying at home, and our aunt came to sleep over.
Today I realised how bad I am with house work haha. I do need to work on myself there!

Well nothing really happened today, and I'm in my pyjamas since the morning, so no ootd either!
Which left me with the choice of: what's in my bag!
An anon on ask.fm reminded me of it, thank you anon! perfect timing! you saved today's blog!

I'm not the kind of girl with every little thing in her bag from cream to gum. I sometimes leave the house with only my wallet and my camera. 
But this is what I have most of the time. 
I carry two bags, one for my laptop. 
And one that has: 
-My camera (Sniper)
-My wallet, which I get excited over everytime I open it, I love it!
-My car keys, which are attatched to many keychains from my awesome friends. 
-My glasses. I really don't keep them in a case or anything, I just throw them around, they're awesome and didn't break yet!
- My headset, to listen to music when I'm not in the mood on the run. 
And that's it really.. my bag never has more than this.. 

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.

24 June 2013

Excited Over Food

Is it enough to believe in something in order for it to become true? Is it enough to believe in someone in order for them to achieve what they want? Is it enough to believe in yourself in order to reach your goals? Or am I living in fairytale land?
I'm a believer, but will that be enough?

Cafe Hanin's Shawerma.. One of the very best things on earth! It tastes like heaven! if you were ever not sure what to eat, go there and ask for chicken Shawema, you'll pray for me, I guarantee, best four JD's ever spent! And their fresh juices are just delicious! I really love that place, if it wasn't for the argeeleh, it would have been one of my favourite places ever!
Watched Monsters university today as well, I loved it! seeing my childhood characters in 3D was an awesome experience! It has a very lovely story and seriously cute characters! I awwed half of the movie and laughed the other half! A movie highly recommended for the lovers of part one.

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.

23 June 2013

Little Sisters

It's beyond imagination how hard it is being the older sister, It's when you stop thinking of yourself and start thinking: 'by doing this, am I being a good role model?'
Many moments in my life have passed and I think: 'I'm doing wrong!' and I know I am.. It just gets really hard most of the time, and even though I know it's wrong I still do it.. 
I don't know why I have this feeling about trying, I mean, I don't really care if I fail at everything as long as I have tried my best. I don't know if it's right or wrong. but in this case, I try my best to be the ideal older sister, and I don't really care if I fail most of the time.. 

Was a fun day with my sisters, my middle sister is down sick, so I took my other sisters out because mom was really busy with her. My little sister Dina is the funniest ever! she was screaming and sining until she saw my friends, within a second she transformed to a creature that is extremely quite, and she didn't move from her position! it was still funny how shy she was haha. maybe one day she'll get along with them.. Well she has to, because she's stuck with me forever therefore she is stuck with them too.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

22 June 2013

Part Two

Beat, Music, Moves, Dance, Lights, Crowd, Beauty, Rush of pride!
I cannot wait until Jerash festival! I love that feeling! 
There is something about our tradition that makes so much sense, something about our Xabza that fits perfectly in my mind. Yet I seek for so many answers for so many questions.. No one seems to have an answer.. as if a spell came over my people and made them forget. Regularly they are those questions that I think of, but when I'm listening to traditional music, or watching a dance, I forget the questions, I forget the mystery and I just enjoy the brilliancy and the beauty. 

Here are the rest of the pictures for the photoshoot

Was a lovely day at Al-Jeel Club, went to the training and had a pretty good laugh, and got more excited than I was! The dances are great, the dancers are great! And I can not wait!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

21 June 2013


Nothing much happened today, I spent the whole day editing the photos, so here they are.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

20 June 2013


Out of all things, I love laughing the most.
And no, I don't laugh at everything cause i'm stupid, or shallow or not used to stupid jokes or funny people or whatever people think. I laugh at everything because laughing is a sign of happiness, and I'm happy.

Today was a lovely day, had lunch at Papa John's with my best friends, and then we were joined by Ahmad and we went over to Starbucks for coffee, and place to sit where we would not get kicked out because of making a chaos.
with those people memories are made by the minute, and I would never want to look back at those memories and think: Good old days. I wanna look back at those memories and say: We are still great friends. 

Tomorrow's post is gonna be exciting! I'm uploading the photoshoot's pictures, InshAllah!

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.

19 June 2013

Half a century

Fifty years! Half a century! And the love between them is still alive!
You have a best friend for four or five years, and you consider that you've been together for a life time, and then some differences happen and you don't talk anymore.. this happens in many cases, and have happened to me uncountable times. 
Well.. take five, multiply that by ten! you'd have fifty! 
My mind is not able to process this! 
They are super heroes.. I mean, not they are not the first to survive fifty years of marriage, but I've never seen a man love a woman as much as they love each other. 

Today was my grandparent's fiftieth anniversary, went over to their house and had a lovely meal of 7aluva and tea, and an awesome cake. I'm so happy that I've still got both of them, they are the best people ever and I love them to bits. God protect their souls.
And then I went out with my family on a lovely day. You reach a moment in your life where you just have a car, friends and environment of your own, and sticking around your family become more valuable than ever.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

18 June 2013

ныбжьыщlэ хасэ

How many days pass of your life ending with: 'today was the best day ever'?
I've been thinking about this life, about the human nature, why can't we ever reach satisfaction? we have this life that we should be thankful for, we have this life that should keep us happy all the time. why are we so greedy? so selfish? so shallow? we have everything and we yet aim for more.
Today was an awesome day, and I would not give it it's right if I didn't say: it was the best day ever.
I got to know a lot of awesome new people, and the club, day after day, is feeling like a home, people there are becoming more like a family to me. as new as I am to that environment, I do feel like I'm at home when I'm there, and I do feel like I'm between my family.
In the end I'd say: Thank you God for this epicly awesomely great life, and I'm sorry if I don't love it enough. 

We went out to shoot a poster for the upcoming Jerash festival, which I cannot wait for, and it was great! we had a lot of fun and we did a very good job, finishing up with a poster which I cannot be more proud of.
I'll be sharing the final photos and the poster after we are done editing, and I can't wait to show them to the world because I love them!
All I can share now is some behind the scenes photos.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

17 June 2013


I don't know why I can't help but raise my head up high the moment I hear Circassian music, I just feel pride rushing through my veins, and love bumping in my heart. Which is why I love attending the music rehearsal in Al Jeel Club, which is actually becoming a second home to me. The musicians are all great, and I enjoy every moment, even though I just listen, and I have no clue how to play any instrument and I have no clue about notes and sounds. I just sit there and enjoy.
We are filming a musical piece performed by the group while rehearsing, and it's sounding awesome, I can't wait to share it with you people!


Andy you always catch photographers in the weirdest positions haha. It's funny how hard it is to trust people and how easy it was for me to trust him. In a very short while he became one of the most important people in my life! He is truly the best friend anyone could ever have and I'm blessed to be his friend. Thank you la7alak Jad Kokh! mush la7alak btnazzil 3l Instagram lol

I feel like going backwards with my blog today, judge me. But before I went to the rehearsal I hug out with two of my awesome friends in Starbucks as usual. If you ever go to Starbucks ask for this: White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel topping, coffee base. I'm addicted to it! maybe if more people ask for it they'd add it to the menu!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.