13 June 2013

Friend's Day Out

I, in general, am a very blessed person. I have an awesome family, I live in an awesome house, I go to an awesome university, I study the awesomest major, and I am awesomely healthy. Al 7amduleAllah. 
But what I'm grateful about most are the friends I have.
Friends do come and go. from my experience I have lost and gained and lost more friends than anyone could ever imagine. And at every phase I used to say: I have the awesomest friends ever! 
But this time.. This time is different, there are new friends in my life who are closer to me than other friends I've known since birth. No matter how much this friendship would cost, I am willing to pay. Because no one ever makes me as happy as those people right there.

I do believe that we were the first people, in my country at least, to play pictionary in Starbucks! the cool thing is; my cousin and I are regular costumers there, and I believe that no matter how much we scream or shout or make a chaos they'd never kick us out.. at least I hope so haha. But it felt like we crossed the line for the first time when we were asked to keep our voices down. felt like a polite: "shut up or leave!" but do we care? no we don't! we went on with the game until the very end, and we chilled afterwards. But come on Starbucks staff, do not tell me you have more fun costumers than us! No way! lol.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.