20 June 2013


Out of all things, I love laughing the most.
And no, I don't laugh at everything cause i'm stupid, or shallow or not used to stupid jokes or funny people or whatever people think. I laugh at everything because laughing is a sign of happiness, and I'm happy.

Today was a lovely day, had lunch at Papa John's with my best friends, and then we were joined by Ahmad and we went over to Starbucks for coffee, and place to sit where we would not get kicked out because of making a chaos.
with those people memories are made by the minute, and I would never want to look back at those memories and think: Good old days. I wanna look back at those memories and say: We are still great friends. 

Tomorrow's post is gonna be exciting! I'm uploading the photoshoot's pictures, InshAllah!

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.