23 June 2013

Little Sisters

It's beyond imagination how hard it is being the older sister, It's when you stop thinking of yourself and start thinking: 'by doing this, am I being a good role model?'
Many moments in my life have passed and I think: 'I'm doing wrong!' and I know I am.. It just gets really hard most of the time, and even though I know it's wrong I still do it.. 
I don't know why I have this feeling about trying, I mean, I don't really care if I fail at everything as long as I have tried my best. I don't know if it's right or wrong. but in this case, I try my best to be the ideal older sister, and I don't really care if I fail most of the time.. 

Was a fun day with my sisters, my middle sister is down sick, so I took my other sisters out because mom was really busy with her. My little sister Dina is the funniest ever! she was screaming and sining until she saw my friends, within a second she transformed to a creature that is extremely quite, and she didn't move from her position! it was still funny how shy she was haha. maybe one day she'll get along with them.. Well she has to, because she's stuck with me forever therefore she is stuck with them too.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.