28 June 2013

One More Day

Tomorrow is, inshAllah, going to be our last day without our parents! As they are arriving tomorrow at midnight.

I made today a hectic day, because that's what I do best! Friday is usually a family day, and it has been like a tradition in my family since a very young age that every Friday we gather with our friends in a farm in the suburbs, each family cooks a meal, and we make an open buffet with all the meals that has been cooked. we play different sports afterwards, Tennis, Volleyball or Basketball with the dads. The mums play cards and the kids run around. I always thought it was a lovely thing to have, and such good people to be raised with. 
But it doesn't matter if I'm having fun, or how hard it is, whenever my friends say they want to hangout I can't say no, I just can't! I have once and only once and I still regret it, feels like so much fun missed. so after having lunch at the farm and hanging out a little bit, I took off to meet with my friends at Chilli. Meeting up with those people is never a time wasted, is never a disappointment, it's just a lot of fun being around them!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.