08 June 2013

Panic mode: On

I didn't have much sleep tonight.. or maybe I have but its timing was off haha. I slept from 8 AM until 1 PM. Woke up and headed directly to my assignment. sat on the chair and I still didn't get up. I watched the world change from the window,  my family coming and going, guests came and left, and I'm still in my place. I haven't yet finished half of the work. my submission is after tomorrow at 8 AM. and I'm still in the drawing process, I still have to scan the drawings and edit them and add sound.. Oh God..
The only thing that changed today is the food I have had on the table haha. And I had a lovely visit from basboos, as she figured out I'm dying of boredom, and I believe she loves coffee as much as I do haha. 

I have also found out that my cousin has made a new line of her own. She designs some awesome handbags and sells them. here is the link.
if you are a bag lover you'd love this! she'll be having it in english soon, but you don't need to speak spanish to understand, cause I don't and I was able to go through the website.

Music wise, I'm back to my senses, listening to Bullet's new song all day.. I'm just in love with it. 
Matt's hair makes me sad though.. his long hair used to be the best ever.. 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.