29 June 2013

They Are Back!

I'm so proud of us! Not one of us sisters is mature and responsible, and I have to admit we are pretty attached to our mum. Those five days were not easy, but we all sacrificed stuff, and got patient on each other, and thought before everything. And we survived! We were responsible, we didn't burn the house down, and we actually had fun! To me I got closer to all of them more than ever! It had been a different week for us, and I think that we've learned a lot. 

Our day started at about 8pm, our parents skyped us from the airport saying that they are about to leave Turkey, and thinking about it, it would have been really hard to just sit there for four hours and wait! Time wouldn't have passed! And we were starving, so we went to bring some food, and then we got back home and while waiting decided to try and shoot the stars. It was my first try and I think I'm pretty proud of the shot I got! As we were sitting outside we heard the sound of the main door opening, we all ran there and my parents were back.. They were stuck for an extra hour in the airport because their luggage was lost, luckily they found it! And we enjoyed opening the gifts bag!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.