25 June 2013

What's In My Bag

They say: You don't know the value of something until you lose it.
I did totally know the value of my parents, but I never imagined how hard it is being in charge of a house!
My parents are off to Turkey for about a week. Me and my sisters are staying at home, and our aunt came to sleep over.
Today I realised how bad I am with house work haha. I do need to work on myself there!

Well nothing really happened today, and I'm in my pyjamas since the morning, so no ootd either!
Which left me with the choice of: what's in my bag!
An anon on ask.fm reminded me of it, thank you anon! perfect timing! you saved today's blog!

I'm not the kind of girl with every little thing in her bag from cream to gum. I sometimes leave the house with only my wallet and my camera. 
But this is what I have most of the time. 
I carry two bags, one for my laptop. 
And one that has: 
-My camera (Sniper)
-My wallet, which I get excited over everytime I open it, I love it!
-My car keys, which are attatched to many keychains from my awesome friends. 
-My glasses. I really don't keep them in a case or anything, I just throw them around, they're awesome and didn't break yet!
- My headset, to listen to music when I'm not in the mood on the run. 
And that's it really.. my bag never has more than this.. 

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.