12 July 2013

Since forever

It's such a blessing to be raised between religious people.
It is the most affective thing, society. People you spend time with do affect you and your lifestyle, even if it was without noticing. And as much as I think I haven't changed, I look back a few years ago and I'm a total different person. Somethings have changed for the better, some for worse.
Since the day I was born we spent time with this group of people, and as much as we don't agree on stuff, we all have a kind of strong faith that keeps us friends forever.
Looking at us today, and those traditions and atmosphere that we have created and got used to, it's very comforting, and I know that without those people I wouldn't be who I am today.

As I have mentioned before, our family is used to going to the farm every friday since the day I was born, and today was no different. We had iftar and then chilled a bit, Tarawih prayer and then we had fun playing and joking around.

Unfortunately this week has not been very interesting and there is nothing much going on those days, I'm just sitting at home doing a lot of thinking, a lot of decisions, a lot of self changes, and so I have decided to take this month off. I will be back shortly.

11 July 2013


Do we, as humans, ever reach satisfaction?
why is it that we think everyday: I wish I had..! I wish I could..! Why don't we just think: I'm grateful I have.. I'm grateful I can..
why can't the simple fact of waking up in the morning with a blanket over your body, with a roof over your head, with a family outside the door be enough to make us smile? to make us wake up happy?
why does very small and worthless things get us upset, and makes us feel like: 'nah, I don't want to get out of bed today'
who is happy in this world? Why is the answer 'no one'? why can't we be happy? 
Does money buy happiness? No, millionaires commit suicide everyday.
Does fame buy happiness? No, celebrities go downhill and become addicts everyday.
Does fit bodies buy happiness? No, most model and fit people end up either anorexic or addicted.
Do friends buy us happiness? Maybe sometimes, but we end up fighting and hating our life for months before we recover.
Does family buy us happiness? Mostly, but the pressure of keeping them happy, safe and proud isn't easy and it leaves us torn out most of the times.
Does religion buy us happiness? It's the closest answer to yes, but not 100%. unless you are a very true believer which is very rare in our community.
Is happiness achievable in this life?
If we stop chasing it, will we get it then?

Went out at about 2 am today with my sisters and friends to pick up Suh'or, the shop was closed so we drove around until we found an open shop which we happen to really like, picked up sandwiches and cocktails and drove back home, had a lovely time..
And, look what I received!! I mentioned this a while back, and my friend got it for me today! I'm so excited!! Bummer, I have to wait a whole month to listen to those tracks.. But I have the necklace and the bracelet to enjoy meanwhile! 

10 July 2013

First day of Ramadan

Every first day of Ramadan I set up goals for myself, stuff I decide to do and stuff I decide to quit doing.
When I was little, I was listening to music in the holy month, and suddenly I felt something in my stomach, I felt something in the bottom of my heart, this feeling that tells me: what you are doing is unacceptable. And since that moment I have never listened to any song during the holy month. And I have no reasonable explanation for that, because I wake up from the early morning on the first day of Eid with a list of songs people told me about or songs I've missed and I play them all. Quitting in Ramadan never helped my addiction to music. But I just know that the day I listen to music in this month and not feel something wrong is the day that I have gone in a wrong direction, the day I'm getting way far away from the road to heaven, which I'm still trying to get to.

This Ramadan I want to pray 8 Tarawih everyday, and I'm aiming to read the entire Quran Insha'Allah. It's just fascinating with you think of this hadith:
"Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that 'Alif, Laam, Meem' is a letter, rather I am saying that 'Alif' is a letter, 'Laam' is a letter and 'Meem' is a letter."
Just think of the enormous countless number of rewards! And think of how much we need those, because let's face it, we are all so far away from being the best muslims, and if any reward is that easy to get, one letter counts! think of how much it is if it was the whole entire Quran.
If you read twenty pages daily, that's the Book of Allah done by the end of the holy month. Think of it. Why not? Are you that busy? 

And may God give me and you strength. And I hope that I have inspired any of you to do any good deed. And may Allah bless you.

09 July 2013

Our music makes me proud!

I was super excited and they did awesome! the dancers and the musicians, all in all it was a lovely little concert.. got me a little bit back to Jerash!
didn't have the chance to check the bazar though, spent my time photographing and for nothing, the lighting suck and where I was sitting didn't help much.. but anyway..

08 July 2013


Today hasn't been one of those good ones, but I'm through.
The fun actually started at nine at night..
It's lovely to have a place to go and cheer up with awesome people when all of your friends have something better to do.. 

What the hell is 'bazar' in english? Been thinking about it for a couple of hours now, nothing fits.. but anyway nadi Al-Jeel's music troupe are going to play in bazar wadi al-seer tomorrow.. I'm very excited! I love their music and can't wait for people to hear it!

Look at how hard they work and how much thought they are putting into this!

Nop, Just kidding. We do have some good laughs, but they have trained well for this and are going to play something really beautiful!

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

07 July 2013


been waiting for this moment since I first saw Andy murray playing at Wimbledon 2009.
Now and 5 years later the dream has become reality, my hero became the world's, he finally wrote history like I've been promising people that he would. The last couple of minutes of the match were breathtaking, but seeing that happiness in his eyes after he finished and as the host said: after 77 years, a British Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray! I was still in shock, and my whole body was numb from shaking, and I was truly happy! I was just thinking Finally Finally Finally!
I do get too attached to celebrities but I love anyone who makes me happy, whether they are close or far. And Boy! Andy has made me more happy than most people around!

I've been sitting on the couch waiting for the match since 1AM yesterday, I skipped sleep because I was afraid I'd over sleep and miss the first part of the match, and it ended at about 7:30PM that's 17 hours with out moving! was worth it!

 This will probably keep me happy for a while!
obviously no outfit of the day, in pyjamas since yesterday. 
After 32 hours of awakenessI can go to bed happy and proud.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

06 July 2013


 Normal you say? 
What is that?
We are the furthest thing from normal.
That's why we have the best times!
I just love hanging out with people whom having fun is their first priority and just don't care about what others think.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

05 July 2013

Jerash Photographs

Tennis and editing.
Two of my favourite things.
Plans ruined.
My least favourite thing.
I'm a master there though, I'm pretty bad at planing days out and pretty good at ruining them.
Today hasn't been much, was supposed to hang out with my friends, but nothing was going in my favour.. instead I just went out to lunch with my family and got back home. Watched the Wimbledon semifinals as I edited Jerash's photos. 
So excited about the final, I have a good feeling for this one.
And here are my favourite shots

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

04 July 2013

Muscles: Dead!

I swear that I used to be an athlete!
I used to play tennis and run and move all the time and it was all fine! but now that I don't play tennis anymore, any activity I do kills my muscles and I can barely walk! After Jerash my legs are so sore that I can barely go down the stairs, I go them backwards! I never would have thought that going down the stairs would be harder than climbing them
And it was the perfect day for ICCA's concert as to get to the theatre you have to go down a thousand stairs!
I swear that I'm not a cry baby, and I don't usually complain when I'm in physical pain, but this is killing me!
And to add on all of that, I have cut my finger pretty deep as I broke a glass while washing the dishes.. now this one doesn't hurt but it won't stop bleeding!
Tip: don't wash the dishes if you are really sleepy, you'd think you are in control but you are not!

Ok done with complaining, had a pretty fun day with the concert and all, the lights were the best thing about today's concert.. 
And as I came back I started with editing Jerash's photos, and I, just now, decided to continue tomorrow, as it's almost 8AM and I almost fell asleep on the laptop.. 

And that is all for today..
So much love.. Peace.

03 July 2013

Party On

Today was my friend's university graduation party, It was really awesome, we had lots of fun and a really good laugh, some really good photos as well, which sadly I can't share any of lol.
But here are some super very random photos I took today to fill my blog.
The cake was awesome! It's made by my mother's talented friend, she makes the best cakes ever! check her page here

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.

02 July 2013

And then there was Jerash!

Tears almost ran down my face as they bowed to the crowd!
That's and I'm just a photographer who just came into their world.
I was just so happy and full of joy because it was an extraordinary concert, and I was really sad because it was over. I was really proud of all of them, the dancers, the management, the coach, the ushers, the people backstage, I was proud of everybody, I was proud to be a small part of this historical event! Historical dancing, historical music, historical crowd, historical atmosphere! And I hope that the photos I've taken would give this concert it's right, but I really don't think so.. Yes it was THAT great!
I'm writing this now feeling very empty.. there is nothing to keep me busy anymore, nothing to take my time, no poster to edit, no designs to make, no rehearsals to film, no dances to watch.. All that has been keeping me and my mind busy is now gone.. and I can't seem to look forward to anything now. nothing on the horizon is getting me excited and giving me that rush I've been feeling for the last month.

But tomorrow is a new day, and a new day means new goals and aims.. 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.