31 August 2013


No I haven't forgotten about my blog, nor about the two hundred of you that view it.
But blogging daily has become very hard, and rather very uninteresting as I work eight hours a day and sleep another eight.
And I have recently started feeling uncomfortable with people knowing everything I'm doing on daily bases, and it's not that I care about what people think or about people judging me, but I care about the closest people in my life judging me.
I'm not ready to lose friend for the sake of blogging, so I decided to slow down before blogging becomes a big part in my life.
But if you still want to follow my daily life then follow me on Instagram at: Leenqart. or click the button named: Instagram in the menu bar above.
No, I'm not stopping, I'm going to be posting once a week. I'll be posting thoughts, photography, tutorials, interesting events, cheer up articles and many other things I have planned.
All thoughts are welcomed, as I have many in mind, I will one day run out of ideas and I appreciate any suggestions.

Last Friday I went with my family, family friends and my camera. We were asked to photograph what Amman is to us. Or let's say get a couple of photos that when you first see you'd get this feeling of: yes, this is Amman. 
And there was no place better to do that than down town.

Until next week, Peace!