13 August 2013

Bee Doo

Is it the story that makes a movie good?
Or the characters?

Minions are so adorable! I really want to have one! And it has been a very long wait! And it has been much worth it!
Despicable me 2 is officially my favourite animation, after Tangled. Every second in the movie is funny, specially if you, like me, pay attention to the details. And the ending is just golden!
Before the exciting part: We woke up very early, went to have breakfast, went to work, drove to Taj Mall, had to waste two hours of our time until the movie started, so we had pink berry, and then we went to watch the ultimate joy.
My cousin is going to be staying over for the next couple of days, as a goodbye, because on Sunday she's travelling for a whole month!

That's all for the day..