10 August 2013

Missing You

Somewhere along the way Eid stopped being a happy occasion.
I sat in my dark room thinking, why did our only holiday lose it's essence? And what was it that made it happy before?
The answer I came up with is my grandma.
After she passed away nothing stayed the same.
It has been more than a whole year and I still can't get it in my mind that she is gone, I keep on thinking if we go to her house she'd be sitting there on her favourite spot, watching TV.. when she sees us her face would glow and she'd smile the most peaceful and beautiful smile I've ever seen, she'd tell us her jokes and we'd laugh until we cry.. and in a bit her house would be full, hectic with the whole family that we'd fill both the living rooms and the younger people would still have no place to sit.. but we'd be happy, we'd forget about everything for a while and just enjoy the happy Eid.. but that's not what's happening anymore.. I just wonder how long it will take us to adjust.. 

I woke up to my mum saying that they are going swimming, and that's how my day started, and then nothing happened until the very end of the night, when we decided to go out for dinner, and it was the yummiest ever!
After we filled our tummies we went over to our friend's house, and I barely convinced everyone to take a group photo! But I did get them all together!

That's all for today..