12 August 2013

Things that have changed.

Today was my very old and dear friend's graduation party, and I couldn't take much photos because, well, yes.. so..
In the morning we went to eat outside and it was a good meal.

Okay, no panic. This is not the end of the blog.

Somethings in my life have changed during the month of not blogging, so I thought I should share them so you wouldn't get lost.

I got a new phone, new kitty, new job. 

My lovely, awesome, fighter, best friend mobile has gotten too tired. The speakers wouldn't work, the messages won't get sent, the buttons won't click, and it was just impossible. and as much as it hurts me I had to give up to reality after about 3 months of living in denial. and yes I got an iPhone. And in case you care here is the link to my Instagram, which to me is the most exciting part about getting a smart phone.

New member in the family, we have a small kitty now! And no, I am not going to name them, because if I did I'd love them too much, and if something happens to them it would get pretty ugly. I have tried it before, losing my pet. So their names are going to be Basboos, Bisbis, Basabeeso. Yep, the obvious.

And lastly I got a job at Travel One, which is my dad's company. They are working on a website for the company and we are in charge of the photos. It's a lot of fun and a new experience. I literally learn something new everyday. And this photo was taken after Eid, so I wasn't drinking Starbucks in Ramadan.

And this is the end of the day..