14 April 2015

A new chapter

Here begins a new chapter..
The hardest thing I ever had to do was to leave everything and go. To be honest my life right before I left was perfect, I had everything I wanted, everything I needed, I had reached the peak of my happiness right before I had to leave, and it was tough.
But I am extremely excited, to leave everything I love for a while, and go on a journey of loving myself. This is not going to be about studying, or working, or meeting new people to me. This is going to be a trip inside my own mind, getting to know myself and what I am capable of, mentally and physically. This is where I learn to respect myself more, because honestly  self-love is something I lack.
This will change a lot about me, but I’ll always be the same person. Just more mature and experienced. 

I have packed my everything and have moved out to a small town in Germany called Wiesbaden. I chose this town out of free will, I saw its pictures, I’ve read and heard about it and it just seemed right. I really didn’t want a big city like Berlin or Köln, I wanted something that had a homey family spirit cause I knew that if I went to a big city I was going to lose myself instead of find it.
Wiesbaden.. How much effort I’ve put into you. But the moment I saw you I knew you were worth it.
Wiesbaden was closed and it was not one of the options when we were given a list of cities to choose from, but I wanted it anyway. We arranged a letter of recommendation from my university to the RheinMain university here in Wiesbaden, I put together a portfolio and sent it in hopes of getting a seat. A couple of weeks later I got the acceptance letter. And that was the first challenge done.
Wiesbaden surprised me with ‘shared room’ dorms for students, and if you know anything about me you’d know that me sharing a living space with a stranger is impossible. And here is where my second challenge started, as I started looking for a single room apartment. I send around 88 requests, for 88 different people, and I got 3 replies back. The three said they were full. I came to Wiesbaden still not having a roof over my head. But thankfully I had my parents with me, and a miracle happened and I found a beautiful single apartment. And this was the second challenge done.
I am aware that those challenges are going to sound simple in a few months, I am aware that what I am going to encounter is not going to be simple, but I am fully ready.
It is beautiful counting down days, it is beautiful that I have a life to come back for back home. It’s exciting that I have loved ones waiting for me.
It is beautiful this chance, this experience. I am vey lucky to get to try this, and I will make the best of it.
And of course living alone is going to put so many thoughts in my head, so here is where I’ll be sharing. I honestly don’t know how often I’ll be posting, just when I feel like it, nothing fixed, nothing to stick to. 
So.. Until next time.