22 June 2015

Been A While

It's been nearly three months since I got here. And I haven't written in so long.
Waking up away from home has its heartache every morning. Dining alone has its heartache every meal. Walking alone has its heartache every step.
But being alone is the best thing that ever happened to my character.
I've discovered myself in ways I cannot form into words, I just know myself by myself now. I've discovered new limits and new horizons, I now know that whatever happens in my life I can stand tall and not let it knock me down, I've developed self-strength and self-respect I never thought I'd have. I now know what I'm worth. And that was the purpose of this journey, and I am only half way through.
Not in a billion years did I imagine I'd ever be proud of myself, but today I can easily say that, I am proud of myself.
This experience has not been easy, not for a second, even when out with friends and having fun, it doesn't get easy. But hard is beautiful. Hard makes you a beautiful person.
The best is yet to come. The upcoming couple of months are going to be so hectic and I cannot wait to go through them, cannot wait to enjoy them.
Today I am enjoying my last rest day, starting tomorrow I'd barely have time for anything, so I thought I'd just update my blog with what has been going on lately, cause this is going to be nice to read in a few years time for me. And maybe, hopefully, be nice for those of you who like to read my writings.
And here are a few photos from the past month or so.