31 August 2013


No I haven't forgotten about my blog, nor about the two hundred of you that view it.
But blogging daily has become very hard, and rather very uninteresting as I work eight hours a day and sleep another eight.
And I have recently started feeling uncomfortable with people knowing everything I'm doing on daily bases, and it's not that I care about what people think or about people judging me, but I care about the closest people in my life judging me.
I'm not ready to lose friend for the sake of blogging, so I decided to slow down before blogging becomes a big part in my life.
But if you still want to follow my daily life then follow me on Instagram at: Leenqart. or click the button named: Instagram in the menu bar above.
No, I'm not stopping, I'm going to be posting once a week. I'll be posting thoughts, photography, tutorials, interesting events, cheer up articles and many other things I have planned.
All thoughts are welcomed, as I have many in mind, I will one day run out of ideas and I appreciate any suggestions.

Last Friday I went with my family, family friends and my camera. We were asked to photograph what Amman is to us. Or let's say get a couple of photos that when you first see you'd get this feeling of: yes, this is Amman. 
And there was no place better to do that than down town.

Until next week, Peace!

15 August 2013

Throwback Thursday

During my life I have loved a lot of people.
I have had many best friends, and I have as well lost too many.
But there was always this one person, who no matter what, stayed. Life tried everything it could to set us apart, and did not succeed.
This one person has been with me throughout my whole life, we made each other what we are today, and even though we have our differences, and we don't agree on ninety percent of things we still manage.
God made us cousins, and it has been one of the most amazing gifts I have in my life.
And now she's travelling for a whole month, and I am going to miss her to bits! So I'm dedicating this post to you, Shush. Aslan you are going to miss me, even if you are in the most beautiful country in the world.

And that's pretty much it..

14 August 2013

The Last Night

I have just recently figured out that life is not a fairytale.
And such things are true love and forever after and happy endings is only images built in our heads by Hollywood.
I have had the toughest, yet, month and a half of my life, that I no longer believe in love, even feelings in general.
Because no matter how much you love someone, in the end you part, if not by the force of life then by the force of death.
why do we waste our lives looking for love? Love of marriage, love of family, of friends, of things, job, country..? Why is love so important? It's not even a pleasant feeling. It's the hardest and most draining of all. Yet we seek for it, and in the end enjoy it.
Is love all it takes for family, or a job or whatever to make that thing work? Or could things be built without the scent of love? and how long will they last?
Cause people who have been together for so long could part over something they are imagining, or something silly, sometimes something huge.. but the question is: what happened to the love between a husband and his wife? A dad and his daughter, a girl and her best friend, an employee and his job, an artist and her goal?
Why is love such a cruel thing that decides to leave all of a sudden? and why does it go away?

Nothing much happened today, in our lunch break we went to Chilli's. caution to who ever goes there: The prices have gone a lot higher! And we said goodbye to Chili's off on our journey to find a new favourite restaurant.
And in the noon we had a GJU hangout at Starbucks,  it's always fun hanging out with those people!
We ended the day with a movie night, The Heat was an epic movie, I do suggest you watch it.
Sadly Shush is going back home tomorrow, and travelling in a couple of days..

And that's another day done..

13 August 2013

Bee Doo

Is it the story that makes a movie good?
Or the characters?

Minions are so adorable! I really want to have one! And it has been a very long wait! And it has been much worth it!
Despicable me 2 is officially my favourite animation, after Tangled. Every second in the movie is funny, specially if you, like me, pay attention to the details. And the ending is just golden!
Before the exciting part: We woke up very early, went to have breakfast, went to work, drove to Taj Mall, had to waste two hours of our time until the movie started, so we had pink berry, and then we went to watch the ultimate joy.
My cousin is going to be staying over for the next couple of days, as a goodbye, because on Sunday she's travelling for a whole month!

That's all for the day..

12 August 2013

Things that have changed.

Today was my very old and dear friend's graduation party, and I couldn't take much photos because, well, yes.. so..
In the morning we went to eat outside and it was a good meal.

Okay, no panic. This is not the end of the blog.

Somethings in my life have changed during the month of not blogging, so I thought I should share them so you wouldn't get lost.

I got a new phone, new kitty, new job. 

My lovely, awesome, fighter, best friend mobile has gotten too tired. The speakers wouldn't work, the messages won't get sent, the buttons won't click, and it was just impossible. and as much as it hurts me I had to give up to reality after about 3 months of living in denial. and yes I got an iPhone. And in case you care here is the link to my Instagram, which to me is the most exciting part about getting a smart phone.

New member in the family, we have a small kitty now! And no, I am not going to name them, because if I did I'd love them too much, and if something happens to them it would get pretty ugly. I have tried it before, losing my pet. So their names are going to be Basboos, Bisbis, Basabeeso. Yep, the obvious.

And lastly I got a job at Travel One, which is my dad's company. They are working on a website for the company and we are in charge of the photos. It's a lot of fun and a new experience. I literally learn something new everyday. And this photo was taken after Eid, so I wasn't drinking Starbucks in Ramadan.

And this is the end of the day.. 

11 August 2013

Finally Eid!

On the third day of Eid, we had a day we'd call Eid. 
Visiting relatives, eating ma'moul, drinking coffee, grandma's yummy candies, the laughs, the joy.. No matter how cliche Eid gets, and no matter how much we think it's like any other day, it is not, even if we don't realise it, but there is something about Eid that is different, a good different, it makes people happy regardless of what they are going through.. and no matter how boring Eid gets I still love it.

Every house we went to today, we took a group photo.. not many houses they are that we have visited, but they were enough, they were the loved ones. 
And because both my sister and I are so awake and cautioned, we both forgot to remind each other to take a photo with our grandparents. yes, the only photo we forgot to take was the most important one of all. But I guess having it later would be no harm.

And that is all for the day.. 

10 August 2013

Missing You

Somewhere along the way Eid stopped being a happy occasion.
I sat in my dark room thinking, why did our only holiday lose it's essence? And what was it that made it happy before?
The answer I came up with is my grandma.
After she passed away nothing stayed the same.
It has been more than a whole year and I still can't get it in my mind that she is gone, I keep on thinking if we go to her house she'd be sitting there on her favourite spot, watching TV.. when she sees us her face would glow and she'd smile the most peaceful and beautiful smile I've ever seen, she'd tell us her jokes and we'd laugh until we cry.. and in a bit her house would be full, hectic with the whole family that we'd fill both the living rooms and the younger people would still have no place to sit.. but we'd be happy, we'd forget about everything for a while and just enjoy the happy Eid.. but that's not what's happening anymore.. I just wonder how long it will take us to adjust.. 

I woke up to my mum saying that they are going swimming, and that's how my day started, and then nothing happened until the very end of the night, when we decided to go out for dinner, and it was the yummiest ever!
After we filled our tummies we went over to our friend's house, and I barely convinced everyone to take a group photo! But I did get them all together!

That's all for today..

09 August 2013

Back Again

I'm sorry for not posting anything during last month. But that's how I am; I either do it as good as I imagine or not do it at all. And throughout Ramadan nothing happened at all, I had the routine of waking up, wasting time, having iftar, washing the dishes, resting, praying tarawih, watching movies and series, preparing suhoor, more series, sleeping. So you see nothing was worth sharing. And on a side note I was going through some rough days because of fights with friends and so on, as well as the fact that when I am alone with nothing to do I think way too much, and me thinking too much can never be good for anyone.

With all that said, today we celebrated the first day of Eid.

I woke up very excited, not because of Eid, but because I was gonna force myself to start fresh, forget about everyone that made me upset and have a whole new start. 
I was energetic, so I decided to prepare breakfast for the family, I made vegetables omelette and pancakes, both dishes I've never tried doing before, but they were edible for a first time.
And then we had a couple of Eid visits from my grandparents and uncles, but that didn't last long. And we had nothing to do, and nothing sounded better than taking photos!
At the very night we left the house very hungry and headed to a restaurant to have dinner.
And that was pretty much the end of day one.

If you are constant readers of my blog you'd know that I don't listen to songs in Ramadan, so that was the most exciting part of the day, unwrapping the new Skillet album that I received on the first day of Ramadan. 
Here goes my favourite song:

Thats all for today..