09 August 2013

Back Again

I'm sorry for not posting anything during last month. But that's how I am; I either do it as good as I imagine or not do it at all. And throughout Ramadan nothing happened at all, I had the routine of waking up, wasting time, having iftar, washing the dishes, resting, praying tarawih, watching movies and series, preparing suhoor, more series, sleeping. So you see nothing was worth sharing. And on a side note I was going through some rough days because of fights with friends and so on, as well as the fact that when I am alone with nothing to do I think way too much, and me thinking too much can never be good for anyone.

With all that said, today we celebrated the first day of Eid.

I woke up very excited, not because of Eid, but because I was gonna force myself to start fresh, forget about everyone that made me upset and have a whole new start. 
I was energetic, so I decided to prepare breakfast for the family, I made vegetables omelette and pancakes, both dishes I've never tried doing before, but they were edible for a first time.
And then we had a couple of Eid visits from my grandparents and uncles, but that didn't last long. And we had nothing to do, and nothing sounded better than taking photos!
At the very night we left the house very hungry and headed to a restaurant to have dinner.
And that was pretty much the end of day one.

If you are constant readers of my blog you'd know that I don't listen to songs in Ramadan, so that was the most exciting part of the day, unwrapping the new Skillet album that I received on the first day of Ramadan. 
Here goes my favourite song:

Thats all for today..