11 August 2013

Finally Eid!

On the third day of Eid, we had a day we'd call Eid. 
Visiting relatives, eating ma'moul, drinking coffee, grandma's yummy candies, the laughs, the joy.. No matter how cliche Eid gets, and no matter how much we think it's like any other day, it is not, even if we don't realise it, but there is something about Eid that is different, a good different, it makes people happy regardless of what they are going through.. and no matter how boring Eid gets I still love it.

Every house we went to today, we took a group photo.. not many houses they are that we have visited, but they were enough, they were the loved ones. 
And because both my sister and I are so awake and cautioned, we both forgot to remind each other to take a photo with our grandparents. yes, the only photo we forgot to take was the most important one of all. But I guess having it later would be no harm.

And that is all for the day..