14 August 2013

The Last Night

I have just recently figured out that life is not a fairytale.
And such things are true love and forever after and happy endings is only images built in our heads by Hollywood.
I have had the toughest, yet, month and a half of my life, that I no longer believe in love, even feelings in general.
Because no matter how much you love someone, in the end you part, if not by the force of life then by the force of death.
why do we waste our lives looking for love? Love of marriage, love of family, of friends, of things, job, country..? Why is love so important? It's not even a pleasant feeling. It's the hardest and most draining of all. Yet we seek for it, and in the end enjoy it.
Is love all it takes for family, or a job or whatever to make that thing work? Or could things be built without the scent of love? and how long will they last?
Cause people who have been together for so long could part over something they are imagining, or something silly, sometimes something huge.. but the question is: what happened to the love between a husband and his wife? A dad and his daughter, a girl and her best friend, an employee and his job, an artist and her goal?
Why is love such a cruel thing that decides to leave all of a sudden? and why does it go away?

Nothing much happened today, in our lunch break we went to Chilli's. caution to who ever goes there: The prices have gone a lot higher! And we said goodbye to Chili's off on our journey to find a new favourite restaurant.
And in the noon we had a GJU hangout at Starbucks,  it's always fun hanging out with those people!
We ended the day with a movie night, The Heat was an epic movie, I do suggest you watch it.
Sadly Shush is going back home tomorrow, and travelling in a couple of days..

And that's another day done..