21 September 2013

Important Pieces

Shopping is every girl's fun activity. Most of them, at least.
Looking at my closet today, I realised that there are a couple of pieces of clothing I cannot live without. 
And by sharing them, you could get the chance to see if we have anything in common, or have an idea for what you could look for when you go shopping next time. 
Most of those stuff I've had for a long time, but you can still find pieces that look like them anywhere. 
I usually shop at the following places:
Zara, Mango, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Bershka.
So whatever I am recommending in this blogpost, will surely be found in one of those shops.

Coloured Cardigans:
I, myself, am addicted to those, I have been collecting different colours for three years now. I mostly get them from Stradivarius, their cardigans are fine quality, good length, and come in so many colours. They are a basic thing in their shop, so you find different collections all year long.

Sweat Pants:
Warning: If you buy one sweat pant, and wear it for one day, you won't stand wearing normal pants and jeans. They are the most comfortable thing ever made, and they come in all colours and patterns. They also come in different designs, from sporty to formal. But as I said, they do cause a weird addiction. 

Floral Print:
Floral is something that, for me, works on anything; beddings, mugs, walls, shirts, shoes, desktops.. just whatever. Floral could never look bad. And the variety of colour in the pattern gives you more comfort to mess around with the colours of the shirt, pants and shoes.

White Ts:
If you go wild with the outfit and have too many colours, you can simplify the outfit by adding a basic white T-shirt with a drawing or a print. And if you start with the shirt; after picking a white T-shirt, it's hard to go wrong with the rest of the outfit, cause they simply go with everything.

Throw on Sweaters:
Not too thick, not too thin. Long sleeved and easy to wear. goes well by its self, with a shirt underneath, or a jacket above. easy to find and easy to make a good outfit out of. Casual yet ellegant. I will forever love sweaters!

Denim Button-downs:
My favourite piece of clothing of the season.. actually of the year. They could be added over anything and under anything at all. They are not too casual and not too formal. the colour of denim is a default and could not mess up your outfit. The studs, pearls or patches they have on the collar or the pocket adds a very lovely touch.

I hope this was helpful for you.
Until next week.

14 September 2013

Colours of the Rainbow

I have been asked a lot about the rainbow cupcakes that I make, and they are really not rocket science, they just take a hell lot of time, so be patient.

The things you will need: 
1:Betty Crocker white cake mix:
-1 cup of water
-1/3 cup of oil
- 3 egg whites
2: Red, Yellow, Green and blue food colours
3: sprinkles and frosting if desired.

make the betty crocker mix and pour the mix into 6 small bowls.
add different food colour to every bowl to make colours of the rainbow. 
use yellow and red to make orange, blue and red to make purple.
and here comes the hard part. 
when you pour colours inside the cupcake tray, make sure that each colour is in the center of the other. take your time, and make your hand steady but be sure to drop the colour in the exact middle of the one before. now it shouldn't be perfect but try your best. 
after you finish all six colours, put the tray in the oven for about 15 minutes on 170c.
get it out, decorate it with your favourite frosting, and eat all the rainbows!
Hope you'll try it! and if you do let me know what you think and how it turned out!
If you have too much time and you want to make your own cake just go on Martha Stewart's website it's all there, look for 'white cake' and 'buttercream frosting'..

07 September 2013


Today I stay silent and I let the photos speak.
Tell the story of a royal nation, a strong nation. A nation of fighters, a nation of knights. A nation that regardless of all the wars, could still move smoothly and perform the best and most beautiful dances along the most amazing music.