11 February 2014

100 Happy Days

I know I'm a happy and grateful person, but what is it that makes me happy?
To know the answer to that I registered for a challenge today, you may have heard of already, which is made to make people happier. I love the idea of this challenge so I'm sharing it with you, because I think everyone should take this challenge. You have nothing to lose. Please make it go mainstream lol
It simply goes like this:
You register,  pick on which social media you want to make the challenge, and you start posting photos  every single day for a 100 days in a row of a thing that made you happy that day.
Click here for their website!
Now it seems excitingly easy at first, but when you think of it; a 100 days are not simple, that's a hell lot of days there!
I personally am going to be posting on Instagram, you can follow me here.
And lastly, good luck if you are going to take it.

Today I woke up to a phone call from mum saying that I should bring my sister from school, so I dressed up fast and went out. Got back home and had lunch, right after we decided to go to the mall. When I was there my friends messaged me that they are going to hang out in the mall at 6. 
It was a perfect coincidence, I finished shopping empty handed and went down to meet them. As usual had good laughs with the weirdest people, I believe that our weirdness is what keeps us together, always a good time with them!
And Tala got us Krispy Kreme donuts from Dubai, thank you Tala, and welcome back!