09 February 2014

Be Kind

In our modern day being kind is considered a sign of weakness, in people's eyes it allows everyone to take advantage of them.
I used to believe that too, I thought being kind is a weakness too.
But I lately figured out that it isn't, helping people, being there for everyone, caring about everyone, it may be harder, but it's not weak. And if you are kind enough, then you are smart enough to know if the people taking advantage of it are worth it or not. And if not you are strong enough to let them go.
And always remember that God asked us to be kind, so if you were God would be there for you and will help you through it all.

Today I went on a photography mission, that turned into one of the most memorable days of my life. Sometimes you meet people, and right from the first second you can tell that they are special, and today I hung out with two of those people. We had good laughs and had a hell lot of fun!
I hope we get to do it again sometime