12 February 2014


So I've been sitting here for five hours trying to come up with something to write, but my mind has just gone blank!
Do you ever have those moments where you just want to give up on everything and sit there in bed not having to worry about a person or some sort of work or family or life or anything, just sit there enjoy a couple of songs and a sunset?
Some days get hard, but I promise you, everything will be okay!
And always remember, you are good enough, strong enough to get back up on your feet and smile your way through your day, you are strong enough to be happy and make the best of everything..
Keep in mind that you are awesome. And I know you are because you are wasting to read my, mostly boring, blog, yea it makes you awesome to me. Being awesome to me is something, isn't it?

Today I had my first taco ever! My mum had made us some for lunch and I loved them, and since it was my first, I had to share it here.
Then I hung out with a couple of ladies my friends and I met the other day, and they are americans and came here for on a cultural exchange program, they are real nice people, but we got too carried away talking about mansaf and ramadan rituals that I forgot to take a group photo. But we are supposed to hang out again before they leave so maybe then you'd meet them.
At last I came back home to my cousin's birthday. She studies in Belgium and only comes to Jordan during holidays, so it hadn't happened that she's here on her birthday for a couple of years now, so we had to celebrate. And she eats Gluten Free, meaning: she can't eat anything that has wheat or anything related to it, meaning: she can't eat any sort of cake. And what is a birthday without a cake to put candles on. Eventually my sister and I came up with the idea of having a banana for a cake, yes literally a banana. We ended up having a great time and a great laugh, and that cake was delicious!