10 February 2014

Holiday Plans

So today I took my sister to the dentist, and then had a 'wisdom teeth X-ray' and then went to the mall very fast to pick up a new external hard disk and spent the day moving files to provide some extra space on my laptop. So nothing interesting happened.
But for this holiday I have big plans, something like new year's resolutions, but holiday resolutions. does that even make sense? 

I want to learn Adigabza, I have taken a course before, but this time many of my friends are taking it with me so I am hoping we'd be able to practice a lot more. I am really excited for this one!

Get back in touch with all of my friends, the old and the new, and try to make time for everyone, I appreciate every single person in my life and I want to spend my time with all of them. So I'll surely work on that.

Read the stack of books I've been keeping to when I have free time. I think I'm going to start with 'The Fault In Our Stars' because I want to finish reading it before it hits the cinemas. I'll give reviews on the books I read as I finish each one. And I'm sorry that the rest are all Agatha Christie's, her books are the most enjoyable for me.

Learn how to cook. I love baking, but I have never cooked. And I believe that it is time that I start learning how to cook, I'll start with basics that are essential in every dish and work my way up to learning how to cook a whole dish. I'll share some tips if I find anything useful.

Watch the series that I love and dive into endless fandoms.  Because you know when I have uni I might have 2 hours a day to watch two or three episodes, but then it will take so much of my mind, cause I really get involved in series and start to live and feel with them. it just doesn't go, emotionally, with uni. If anyone has this same issue, please be my friend.

I'll keep you posted on where I get with those, and I'll give reviews for the books and series, and movies if I ever watch any.