08 February 2014

It's just the beginning

Why do I do this? Who is interested? What is so special about my life?
Questions like this drained me out of motivation, and I stopped blogging. To tell you that I have answered those questions and that's why I am back, no I haven't. And I don't know why I'm back, blogging makes me happy I guess. So here I go again.

I wanted the first post back to be special, so I waited until today.

Today was a special day in my life. Not a very good kind of special, but a unique kind of special.
Today was the day when Circassians all around the world came together to stand strong and support one united cause.
The cause that is bigger than the Olympics, the cause that proves that Sochi is our land, is the land which our ancestors fought on in order for us to stay alive, for us to keep their legacy alive, for us to deliver their message that says Sochi is a free Circassian land, and it will never be Russian. 

Today was the opening ceremony of the Sochi olympics, the Sochi olympics that we have been trying to stop for half a decade. but is it over? no it's not. Even if the Olympics had started, and even if they end, it's all just the beginning. The Olympics just lit the flame of an angry nation, which after 150 years came back to fighting over their rights.