13 February 2014

The Future

You know, sometimes you come up with those great plans that you could do, plans to reach a certain goal, plans to help your family, plans to serve your nation, just whatever plans.. Like those things you think of late at night when you can't fall asleep, that moment at night when everything is reachable and you feel like you own the world, those plans, those big dreams, go for them! Don't just feel silly in the morning, or feel stoppable, the minutes are passing and you only have one life, get a pencil and a paper and write them down, think them through, how can you get to them? And most importantly what is stopping you? Can what's stopping you be fixed? Go fix it!
Everyday we end up saying: 'tomorrow', 'today I don't feel like it', 'it's going to complicate things', 'I can't do this alone', 'not in this country'.. those are all in your mind! Remember the plans you had when you were ten that you kept for when you're twenty? Well you are twenty and planing for things for when you're thirty. Well I'm telling you now, when you're thirty you'll be planning for fifty and those dreams will be lost once again. And when you are sixty, you'll just wish you were ten again to do everything you can't do anymore.
Be naive, be stupid, make mistakes, fail, do things you'd look back to in ten years and be ashamed of yourself, because right then you'd know; at least you did something.

Today I did something.
After going to the dentist and finding out that my wisdom teeth had flipped and no longer needed surgery my family and I headed to my childhood best friends, or shall I say childhood's second family's home to see their latest four days old family member. It was my first time meeting Ali, he is incredibly tiny, and very cute! His mom and I have big photography plans for the future.
After that I went to Starbucks with my friends, and no, not just to hangout. We are forming a small 'organisation', if that's what I may call it, and we had set our goals and hopes to help our nation rise up instead of waiting for older people to take action. We are the youth, we are the future, and we are capable. Some of our plans for the future may be bigger than us, buy we are all in for achieving them, and we will not quit. Stay tuned for more details.