23 December 2014

The Day I Turned 21

It was less than a normal day, I woke up, had breakfast, then stayed in bed from 11 till 6:30. When my mum came to me and told me to go pick my little sister up from her friend's house. I got up, after twenty minutes of trying to, wondered if it's worth it to change from my pyjama pants to jeans, and I believe it was written that I change, thankfully. I put on the first hijab I laid my hand on when I opened the drawer. Looking like the most bored person on earth my sister walked in, 'I want to come' she said. I looked at her, dressed up in her best, looking fancy and all, I smirked. Of course her being my sister understood that I couldn't understand why she is that dressed up, like she could have left in her pyjamas too. 'I wore the first thing I saw' she, lamely, explained. I was too bored to stress on that and we just left.
I came home and my mum was standing at the door, she seemed fishy but I didn't have the time to think it through. she walked inside and I followed. Now a tip about me, I get scared easily. Still not expecting a single damn thing, I jumped off my feet as I heard a whole bunch of people singing 'happy birthday'. My adrenaline kicked in and I ran into the kitchen and back.
There they were, my favourite people in the world, all there in one room. And of course with the best looking cake ever.
After shaking and not processing what has happened for about 5 minutes, we cut the cake and sat down to eat. At this point I was having the best time Ive ever had. My father and mother, my sisters and best friend, all of my friends and beloved around one table. I just disconnected from the world for a couple of minutes, looking around me, my heart pounding fast, I felt my soul dancing inside my body. I felt truly blessed. I wasn't talking, I wasn't listening, I was just thinking 'El HamduleAllah, El HamduleAllah El HamduleAllah'.
I could say a lot about that night. I could speak of that night forever. And the memory of that night is something that would never leave my mind. It is something I can look back on that would make me smile in seconds, but for hours.