24 September 2015

Happy Eid?

This post is expected to be a happy one. But you don’t always get what you want.
I wanted to write about Eid, and how happy of a holiday it is. But a painful incident that occurred made me lose my joyful vibe and I’m not able to write something beautiful. So I apologize in advance.
We all die eventually, that is a given. Life is too short, that is also a given. But sudden death leaves a sorrow in all of our hearts, whether you knew the person or not.
Yesterday was a beautiful tragedy; a whole pure family taken on the same day, but one of the holiest days of the year. The story hurts my heart everytime I think about it, but then again, they are all together in heaven. Where they are happy till eternity inshAllah. Besides God is a better place for them than this forsaken planet for sure. They haven’t for a second left my mind or prayers.

I am blessed with being a Muslim. But I most feel it in times like this. I feel believing there is a God who is merciful and great, believing there is a heaven and an afterlife is the only thing that can make someone endure the death of loved ones. The thought of seeing them again, the thought of that life is not all there is and that it’s not the end for those who have passed away but just the beginning is such a relieving concept.
I wonder how many wake up calls we need to realize that. We feel bad a few days after such story; we begin to think and try to be better but then go back to our old habits. We are barely doing our part to our God, and for that I hope he forgives us.
Today, right now, however, is not a bad time to start something good. Take this chance to add one single good thing to your life, If you don’t pray; start. If you pray irregularly, focus more. If you’re mad at someone, forgive. If you’re lying to someone, confess. If you have a bit extra money, give. If you're going through hardship, be patient. If you're happy, be thankful. Life is too short for bad deeds. And it’s sad that it takes a funeral to remind us that we’re alive.
I’m sure many people rolled their eyes and sighed as they read this, I’m sure many people closed it before they finished reading. But I have a blog to spill my mind, not only to please the readers, and honestly today that’s all I’m thinking about; being better. And only my love for everyone is making me write this blog post. Cause I hate the thought of anyone suffering in real life, let alone in hell. If you want to take my advice I’m happy for you, if you don’t you’re free to do so.
But keep the family in your prayers, may God bless their beautiful souls and rest them in peace.

on a better note,
until next time..

P.s: My cousin and I visited a beautiful graveyard a few days back and I took a few photos and found this time suitable. I realize that this is not how Muslims are buried and all that, but that’s anyhow not the point.