02 July 2013

And then there was Jerash!

Tears almost ran down my face as they bowed to the crowd!
That's and I'm just a photographer who just came into their world.
I was just so happy and full of joy because it was an extraordinary concert, and I was really sad because it was over. I was really proud of all of them, the dancers, the management, the coach, the ushers, the people backstage, I was proud of everybody, I was proud to be a small part of this historical event! Historical dancing, historical music, historical crowd, historical atmosphere! And I hope that the photos I've taken would give this concert it's right, but I really don't think so.. Yes it was THAT great!
I'm writing this now feeling very empty.. there is nothing to keep me busy anymore, nothing to take my time, no poster to edit, no designs to make, no rehearsals to film, no dances to watch.. All that has been keeping me and my mind busy is now gone.. and I can't seem to look forward to anything now. nothing on the horizon is getting me excited and giving me that rush I've been feeling for the last month.

But tomorrow is a new day, and a new day means new goals and aims.. 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.