07 July 2013


been waiting for this moment since I first saw Andy murray playing at Wimbledon 2009.
Now and 5 years later the dream has become reality, my hero became the world's, he finally wrote history like I've been promising people that he would. The last couple of minutes of the match were breathtaking, but seeing that happiness in his eyes after he finished and as the host said: after 77 years, a British Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray! I was still in shock, and my whole body was numb from shaking, and I was truly happy! I was just thinking Finally Finally Finally!
I do get too attached to celebrities but I love anyone who makes me happy, whether they are close or far. And Boy! Andy has made me more happy than most people around!

I've been sitting on the couch waiting for the match since 1AM yesterday, I skipped sleep because I was afraid I'd over sleep and miss the first part of the match, and it ended at about 7:30PM that's 17 hours with out moving! was worth it!

 This will probably keep me happy for a while!
obviously no outfit of the day, in pyjamas since yesterday. 
After 32 hours of awakenessI can go to bed happy and proud.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.