04 July 2013

Muscles: Dead!

I swear that I used to be an athlete!
I used to play tennis and run and move all the time and it was all fine! but now that I don't play tennis anymore, any activity I do kills my muscles and I can barely walk! After Jerash my legs are so sore that I can barely go down the stairs, I go them backwards! I never would have thought that going down the stairs would be harder than climbing them
And it was the perfect day for ICCA's concert as to get to the theatre you have to go down a thousand stairs!
I swear that I'm not a cry baby, and I don't usually complain when I'm in physical pain, but this is killing me!
And to add on all of that, I have cut my finger pretty deep as I broke a glass while washing the dishes.. now this one doesn't hurt but it won't stop bleeding!
Tip: don't wash the dishes if you are really sleepy, you'd think you are in control but you are not!

Ok done with complaining, had a pretty fun day with the concert and all, the lights were the best thing about today's concert.. 
And as I came back I started with editing Jerash's photos, and I, just now, decided to continue tomorrow, as it's almost 8AM and I almost fell asleep on the laptop.. 

And that is all for today..
So much love.. Peace.