11 July 2013


Do we, as humans, ever reach satisfaction?
why is it that we think everyday: I wish I had..! I wish I could..! Why don't we just think: I'm grateful I have.. I'm grateful I can..
why can't the simple fact of waking up in the morning with a blanket over your body, with a roof over your head, with a family outside the door be enough to make us smile? to make us wake up happy?
why does very small and worthless things get us upset, and makes us feel like: 'nah, I don't want to get out of bed today'
who is happy in this world? Why is the answer 'no one'? why can't we be happy? 
Does money buy happiness? No, millionaires commit suicide everyday.
Does fame buy happiness? No, celebrities go downhill and become addicts everyday.
Does fit bodies buy happiness? No, most model and fit people end up either anorexic or addicted.
Do friends buy us happiness? Maybe sometimes, but we end up fighting and hating our life for months before we recover.
Does family buy us happiness? Mostly, but the pressure of keeping them happy, safe and proud isn't easy and it leaves us torn out most of the times.
Does religion buy us happiness? It's the closest answer to yes, but not 100%. unless you are a very true believer which is very rare in our community.
Is happiness achievable in this life?
If we stop chasing it, will we get it then?

Went out at about 2 am today with my sisters and friends to pick up Suh'or, the shop was closed so we drove around until we found an open shop which we happen to really like, picked up sandwiches and cocktails and drove back home, had a lovely time..
And, look what I received!! I mentioned this a while back, and my friend got it for me today! I'm so excited!! Bummer, I have to wait a whole month to listen to those tracks.. But I have the necklace and the bracelet to enjoy meanwhile!