12 July 2013

Since forever

It's such a blessing to be raised between religious people.
It is the most affective thing, society. People you spend time with do affect you and your lifestyle, even if it was without noticing. And as much as I think I haven't changed, I look back a few years ago and I'm a total different person. Somethings have changed for the better, some for worse.
Since the day I was born we spent time with this group of people, and as much as we don't agree on stuff, we all have a kind of strong faith that keeps us friends forever.
Looking at us today, and those traditions and atmosphere that we have created and got used to, it's very comforting, and I know that without those people I wouldn't be who I am today.

As I have mentioned before, our family is used to going to the farm every friday since the day I was born, and today was no different. We had iftar and then chilled a bit, Tarawih prayer and then we had fun playing and joking around.

Unfortunately this week has not been very interesting and there is nothing much going on those days, I'm just sitting at home doing a lot of thinking, a lot of decisions, a lot of self changes, and so I have decided to take this month off. I will be back shortly.