14 June 2013

Agatha Christie

Today was lovely, we attended an Adigabza lesson, has been a while since our course ended.. we used to have a lot of fun.. maybe one day I'll register a new course.. 
We also discussed serious issues regarding to a project we wanted to make, you'll be updated on that soon, I don't want to ruin it haha

After I got home I noticed how many unread books I've got! Whenever I used to look at them during the last semester of uni I used to think: When will I have time for you! and now I do, and I'm very excited! 
I've been an Agatha fan since I learnt to read.. I remember in 6th grade or 5th grade my cousin recommended one of her books and I fell in love. I used to read them in arabic as Agatha's english is very hard, but now I can deal with it, not that I understand every word but it's alright, because her books are awesome!
One of my life's goal is to collect all the Poirot novels, he was my crush when I was little haha I still love him a lot!
So maybe I'll write a review of the books after I read them 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.