27 June 2013

Despicable Me

Our life is a series of moments. 
Moments when you are happy. Moments when you are not. Moments when you realise that it's all changing. Moments you feel like you just no longer fit in, no longer get the jokes, no longer feel desired. Moments when you feel like you are cared for. Moments when you feel misunderstood. 
Some moments you feel like an open book, some other moments no one can read you.. and you start to wonder: are you so good at faking, do they no longer feel it when you're feeling uneasy, or do they just don't care? 

I woke up this morning a bit late- at 2pm, in a hurry, took off to my grandma's house to pick up lunch, got back home, ate Tieta's yummy Yalanji, went to the supermarket, forgot to get cash, got back home, back to the supermarket, and once again back home, took off again, drove my sister to my grandma's -again, and my other sister to her friend's, got back home, got the treats ready, got myself ready, and was just a little bit late to my friends, we watched a movie, then took off again with all of my friends, went to Chili Ways, took off once more, went to my grandma's, hung out with my cousin, picked up my sister, took off for one last time, picked up my other sister, got back home, cleaned up, washed the dishes, tided around, skyped with my parents, watched a movie with my sister, watched Andy Murray's documentary, and then watched the rally for cancer awesome charity matches, and here I am writing this blog. looking back at today and thinking: wow I survived! It was hectic and energetic, but it was lovely!
through all of that I really didn't have the time except for one photo, so excuse the lack of photos in this blogpost.
Looking forward for tomorrow and hoping for a better day.

That's all for Today..
So much love.. Peace.