24 June 2013

Excited Over Food

Is it enough to believe in something in order for it to become true? Is it enough to believe in someone in order for them to achieve what they want? Is it enough to believe in yourself in order to reach your goals? Or am I living in fairytale land?
I'm a believer, but will that be enough?

Cafe Hanin's Shawerma.. One of the very best things on earth! It tastes like heaven! if you were ever not sure what to eat, go there and ask for chicken Shawema, you'll pray for me, I guarantee, best four JD's ever spent! And their fresh juices are just delicious! I really love that place, if it wasn't for the argeeleh, it would have been one of my favourite places ever!
Watched Monsters university today as well, I loved it! seeing my childhood characters in 3D was an awesome experience! It has a very lovely story and seriously cute characters! I awwed half of the movie and laughed the other half! A movie highly recommended for the lovers of part one.

That's all for today.. 
So much love.. Peace.