09 June 2013

Farewell Camera

After staying up all night working on my project, I started my new day- which I still cannot mentally separate from yesterday or before yesterday- with a lovely morning drive with my lovely friends to get colouring markers. And then we drove to my little sister's school for her 'end of the year' party, as she got on stage she freaked out, but it was adorable. After getting some fresh air, I got back to work, but with a friend this time. Thank you Tala for helping! Still haven't finished yet as I upload this, but I must be when I upload tomorrow's.. 

That was the regular part of my day, but then I had this awful news.. I had broken my camera's lens a while ago, and I was told that if it needs to be fixed then I'd have to give away the whole camera and get a new one instead of it, because that's what the warrantee certificate says.. 
To people, what is better than a brand new camera.. but to me it was the hardest decision i've ever made.. I've been delaying this for months now, and today was my last chance.. 
With a deep ache in my heart, I put my camera apart, and packed it back to how it first came for me.. 
The memories I have with this camera makes it more than a camera.. it's my vision, it's my companion, it's my best friend. it has been there for me when people couldn't. It understood me and became a part of my body.
For the past 2 years that camera has not left me for a minute. I always carried it around no matter what.. and now I had to let it go. and I was selfish enough to let it go, greedy enough to let it go.. for good.
My camera was not just A Camera.. my camera was my everything, and even if I get another one, same model, same colours, same specifications, same everything, it would be a great brand new camera.. one which isn't mine. 
I sealed the box closed, wrapped the insides with bubbles, placed the box in my favourite plastic bag, with my fingers crossed that I have not sent my best friend to trash.. I hope it ends up with someone better than me, more loyal than me.. 
I don't know if it's possible to miss 'things' but I am sure that I'll miss it everyday..
it went but it's memories will always remain.. <3

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.