19 June 2013

Half a century

Fifty years! Half a century! And the love between them is still alive!
You have a best friend for four or five years, and you consider that you've been together for a life time, and then some differences happen and you don't talk anymore.. this happens in many cases, and have happened to me uncountable times. 
Well.. take five, multiply that by ten! you'd have fifty! 
My mind is not able to process this! 
They are super heroes.. I mean, not they are not the first to survive fifty years of marriage, but I've never seen a man love a woman as much as they love each other. 

Today was my grandparent's fiftieth anniversary, went over to their house and had a lovely meal of 7aluva and tea, and an awesome cake. I'm so happy that I've still got both of them, they are the best people ever and I love them to bits. God protect their souls.
And then I went out with my family on a lovely day. You reach a moment in your life where you just have a car, friends and environment of your own, and sticking around your family become more valuable than ever.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.