10 June 2013

Hello Summer Holiday!

I have finally submitted the project I've been working on for the past three days, which was my last! Now I have 4 whole months of summer, and I can't wait to start spending them!
My project: 

I finished it at 6:30 in the morning and sent the e_mail. after I did I just sat there, after 42 continuous hours of working, and a really tough last week of finals, I was free! with nothing what so ever to worry about! and I peacefully went to bed. 
My mum woke me up at 3 AM, she said lunch was ready, but I was still too tired, and my muscles wouldn't move, but I have the best mama in the world, so I had a yummy breakfast/lunch in bed!
in the afternoon I went out with some of my awesomest and best friends to our regular place: Starbucks. had a pretty nice day, we did laugh a lot and had a great time. It's times like those that are never forgotten. Thinking about it now, I do not remember the pain and exhaustion that I felt while working, but I do remember the happiness that those friends make me feel. And I am blessed to have all of them! we are planning on a big day out after tomorrow, after everyone finishes exams, and it's going to be awesome!

And the terrible part of the day was, waking up to a message that said: "Leen! Ali Maher passed away!"...
I just.. I still can't believe it! it just doesn't make sense!! about a month ago we were joking together and he was just fine! the weird thing is; last time I saw him, as he taught us how to use markers, I sat there with him, listened to every insane word he said, to all of his weird stories, and I stayed until the last student left.. I had this deep feeling in my heart that says: this is the last time you're gonna see this man. and as I said good bye, and he said: Bye Baba! They did feel like those are the last words I'm ever hearing from him. 
But now he's gone, Shaikh Amman is gone, Ali baba is gone, Doctor Ali is gone. leaving behind a city crying for losing him, this city of which he loved! leaving behind many people with tears and a broken heart. leaving behind his famous great art. leaving behind the best and the funniest memories. 
He is a man to be remembered, he used to be caring and so much fun to be around, he taught me some stuff that I'll never ever forget. 
He was a man who lived life to the fullest, and his smile would never leave my brain.
I really feel sad for anyone who hasn't met him, because this man IS one of a kind.
I wish I could say that he's in a better place, that he was a good servant of God and is going to heaven.. but all I can say is:
 !الله يسامحك و يرحمك يا أحسن و أطيب علي بابا 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.