18 June 2013

ныбжьыщlэ хасэ

How many days pass of your life ending with: 'today was the best day ever'?
I've been thinking about this life, about the human nature, why can't we ever reach satisfaction? we have this life that we should be thankful for, we have this life that should keep us happy all the time. why are we so greedy? so selfish? so shallow? we have everything and we yet aim for more.
Today was an awesome day, and I would not give it it's right if I didn't say: it was the best day ever.
I got to know a lot of awesome new people, and the club, day after day, is feeling like a home, people there are becoming more like a family to me. as new as I am to that environment, I do feel like I'm at home when I'm there, and I do feel like I'm between my family.
In the end I'd say: Thank you God for this epicly awesomely great life, and I'm sorry if I don't love it enough. 

We went out to shoot a poster for the upcoming Jerash festival, which I cannot wait for, and it was great! we had a lot of fun and we did a very good job, finishing up with a poster which I cannot be more proud of.
I'll be sharing the final photos and the poster after we are done editing, and I can't wait to show them to the world because I love them!
All I can share now is some behind the scenes photos.

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.