15 June 2013

The Incredibles

I don't know if I like my new holiday routine, I stay up very late watching NCIS, and I wake up at lunch time.. I'm thinking about getting back to normal, but there is nothing to do in the morning!
But anyway, i spent a day with my best friends today.. it has been a very long time since we hung out together.. but we had a great time!
After hanging out at the mall, we got back home to watch the incredibles. Reminded me a lot of the old times.. We used to be happy kids! spending our times in the streets, having half a JD and buying the whole supermarket with it, being friends with everyone in the neighbourhood, knowing all the games ever, and actually having fun! I loved our cartoons, our cheap candy, our random clothes.. how the hell did this world turn to be all about money, fashion, technology.. it sucks.. the present sucks.. I wish we could go back a couple of years and freeze there.. when everything was simple, everything was beautiful.. but wishes do not come true, do they? 

That's all for today..
So much love.. Peace.